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Southern Pacific B-50-12A

Southern Pacific B-50-12A

Price:: $65.00 (+S&H)
Kit #YMW-137

Rebuilt in the late 40s, early 50s, retaining the underframe and adding panels into the ends a unique looking rebuilt boxcar was created. A 10’6” IH car was created with the signature overhang at the side sills of a rebuilt car. A unique rounded corner was created by incorporating the “W” corner post design.

The kit is a rework of the original Sunshine Models kit, with a one piece body, all new underframe, custom etchings and new decals from National Scale Car. TMW truck frames are included.

Southern Pacific B-50-12A HO scale resin model kit

Finished kit shown — Click for larger image

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Due to changes at US Customs and Border Protection and Canada Post, we are no longer able to mail small parts orders as letter mail. As a result we have to implement a minimum order policy effective immediately.

Orders will now have to be at least $40.00 before shipping costs are added.

I very much regret having to do this, but the government agencies leave me with no option.

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