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Wabash 15000-Series Stock Car

Wabash 15000-Series Stock Car

Price:: Sold out. Out of Production.
Kit #YMW-100

Originally built by ACF in 1925 as auto cars, number series 40000 – 40999, the Wabash rebuilt 400 cars in 1933-1934 into single deck stock cars. An additional 200 cars were converted to double deck stock cars in 1933. The single deck cars became 15000 – 15399 and the double deck cars became 16400 – 16599.

The kit features major components vacuum cast gray urethane resin. The Z-bracing is rendered with full undercuts and the slats are to scale. The running board is laser cut plywood. Tichy brake components are included along with photo-etched detail parts. Specific decals have been created for this model. The kit also includes a set of Tahoe Model Works truck frames. The trucks were selected as being the closest to the prototype available.

Wabash 15000-Series Stock Car HO scale war stocker resin model kit

Finished kit shown — Click for larger image

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